Roxborough Village Metro District Master Plan 2020



2019 Roxborough Village Metrodistrict District Fall Festival

2019 Roxborough Village Metrodistrict District Fall Festival

The small-town rural feel and the tight-knit community are the main appeals for RVMD but, the aging parks and dated facilities present a challenge for the community to overcome. Trends in parks, open space, and amenities have shifted since the community was master planned in the mid 1980’s. And although some modifications to parks and programming have been made over time, the way in which people use parks and open spaces today really has changed from their traditional functions. While fields and various sports courts are still common, new programmed spaces are more frequently integrated into park design. Opportunities for performance areas, open markets/ halls, and outdoor gathering spaces, are now commonplace for hosting community gatherings and events. And in Colorado, the desire to enjoy our outdoor lifestyle has only grown. Coloradans are seeking more ways to experience our beautiful climate and get immersed in nature while being close to their home.

Current Programming and Events

The history of the District’s involvement in programming and events is very limited. Other than the recent 2019 Fall Festival, which featured a community fireworks display, there have been very few community-wide programs or events led by the District. This may be a new area of responsibility for the District.

New Programming Opportunities

Based on community feedback, residents expressed a desire both to modernize the physical character of the smaller neighborhood parks, and to support new programming that provides additional events and activities not currently offered. Although this would be a new area of responsibility for the District, it would address a community need and provide an expanded range of outdoor activities and events. The general recommendations related to programming include:

  • Establishing an annual goal to expand activities and programs offered to residents, since there is a strong demand for the District to organize and provide financial support for seasonal events and/or festivals.
  • Continue to offer programming opportunities that started in 2019, including the continuation of the fall festival, while planning and budgeting for other programs such as open-air market, fairs, or potential community concerts.
  • Explore opportunities to partner with other organizations or institutions on events or activities that are supported and desired by the community.
programming map

Programming for the Community Park

2019 Roxborough Village Metrodistrict District Fall Festival

Example of kite festival (left) and farmer's market (middle & right)

New community events and programs in the community park can provide seasonal and periodic programming activities to support the community’s desire for more activities for families, youth, and all residents. In addition to the recently implemented Fall Festival, the District should consider park programming including:

  • Organizing more festivals, in addition to the Fall Festival, based on community input and desires. Some potential festivals can be organized around various themes like kites or hot air balloons, cultural, arts or craft fairs, etc.
  • Organizing and arranging a potential local farmer’s market like others throughout the region. These typically require partnerships with organizers who regularly run and coordinate farmer’s markets.
  • Consider hosting summer concerts or outdoor movies, including a potential summer series. Any new programming or concert should be coordinated with Arrowhead Shores HOA and their existing summer concert series.
2019 Roxborough Village Metrodistrict District Fall Festival

Example of outdoor movie (left) and yoga (right)

Active Events and Programs within the Trails and Open Space

The trail and open space network provide an opportunity for community events that promote health, wellness and active lifestyles. Events utilize the open space and can highlight Roxborough’s beautiful natural setting. Potential programming includes:

  • Organized runs, walks and other events supporting various community organizations, such as 5k or 10k walk/runs or cross-country running events. This includes pursuing a sanctioned 5k or 10k run that can become a potential regional event.
  • Annual youth fishing derby or day with representatives from local outdoor organizations.
  • Outdoor yoga.

Additional Programs and Activities with Other Partners

Other programs and activities are possible through creative partnerships with other organizations and facilities. Potential programs and activities include:

  • Day camps, or youth and teen recreation clubs.
  • Senior recreational clubs and organized activities.
  • Arts and crafts for children.
  • Aerobic fitness for youth and adults.
  • Strength and flexibility training classes or seminars.