Roxborough Village Metro District Master Plan 2020

Vision and Community Priorities

The community loves and values the open space, parks, recreational facilities and the trails.

The following major themes were developed by the community, and formed the foundation for overall goals and objectives of the master plan. These goals and objectives further guide specific recommendations and implementation steps throughout the master plan document.


  • Improve landscape and planting in open space and parks.
  • Build upon the natural beauty of the area and its location at the entrance of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Enhance landscape along creeks, drainage and ponds.
  • Improve areas for passive recreation and ways to enjoy the open spaces such as adding new shade structures, informal gathering, picnicking and sitting areas.
  • Provide additional active recreational enhancements such as frisbee golf, pickleball courts, splash pads and others.


  • Improve the trail network to create a better sense of connectivity and mobility throughout the community, with a continued emphasis on connecting schools, neighborhoods and other destinations.
  • Improve bike and pedestrian infrastructure and connectivity with improved trails and new regional connections from the District to surrounding amenities, such as Chatfield, Roxborough Sate Park, Waterton Canyon, and the High Line Canal.
  • Improve access and connections to Little Willow Creek open space, water, and ponds.


  • Improve neighborhood parks, including Community Park, Imperial park, Airplane Park, Marmot Ridge Park and Chatfield Farms Park. Amenities and improvements should be planned in order to appeal to all ages and abilities.
  • Create a new community amenity, such as a pool or community center, to serve as a main gathering space for all residents to enjoy.


  • Identify “quick wins” that can be built, or created quickly at the conclusion of this master planning effort
  • Develop cost and phasing estimates and resource needs for designing and building improvements.
  • Explore funding strategies to pay for improvements.
  • Continue to be fiscally responsible while maintaining a high quality open space for the community.